• Swim goggles

    Aquaspeed offers a wide selection of swim goggles for both adults and children, all in attractive prices. Our offer includes models perfect for leasure swimming and for regular, professional training. Modern highest quality materials, including LSR – extremely soft and elastic silicone, coupled with durable, scratch-resistant lenses made from policarbonate guarantee that our swim goggles will meet the expectations of even the most demanding swimmers. All our goggles are characterised by excellent field of vision, watertightness and high comfort of use.
    Our offer includes monoblock, two-piece regulated, swim masks and swedish goggles. Particular place in our oher is also reserved for goggles with prescription lenses, perfect for people with vision defects and goggles with polarised lenses aimed at those who often swim outdoors.
    All our goggles are available in several colour combinations with different-coloured frames, lenses and head straps. All the goggles feature regulated head straps, allowing them to be adjusted to fit perfectly. Welcome to our offer of swim goggles!

  • Swimwear

    The range of swimwear offered by Aquaspeed covers models targeted at young and adult women and men, as well as for children. We have prepared stylish swimwear designs ideal for professional, frequent swimmers and designs perfect for people who prefer to swim as a form of recreation in their free time. Thanks to being produces in Poland from high-quality Italian fabrics, designated with Lycra Sport or Lycra XtraLife marks, they perform excellently whether they are used in open water or in a swimming pool with chlorinated water. The use of modern, high-quality fabrics, such as Darwin or Revolutional guarantees perfect fit, high chlorine resistance, UV protection, quick drying and high durability of our swimwear. For children we have prepared colourful one- and two-piece sets of shirts and shorts. Welcome to our offer of swimwear – we are confident you will find something perfect for your needs.

  • Swim caps

    Aquaspeed offers excellent, wide selection of swim caps for all users, both young and adult. People who practise swimming professionally or just swim from time to time, everyone can find a cap model most fitting their needs. Aquaspeed offers caps made from highest quality material, Lycra, latex and silicone. Our caps are designed to fit perfectly and even long-haired swimmers will have a wide choice of designs. All of our models are available in different colour schemes, ensuring that even the most demanding customers will find a product to match the rest of their swimming gear.

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  • Footwear

    Aqua-speed offers a wide selection of footwear designed for women, men and children to use at a swimming pool or in open water. Our footwear is produced using specific materials that allow for high durability and comfort of use in both salt and fresh water, making it perfect for seas, beaches, lakes and rivers. Our aquashoes will protect your soles from damage caused by sharp rock edges, sea urchins or pieces of broken glass. Aquashoes from Aqua-Speed are also excellent choice for farting, surfing, diving or kayaking. Whereas our slippers are perfect for use on swimming pools or anywhere near water. Slippers and aquashoes offered by our company feature attractive designs and are offered in wide size ranges. If it is high quality and competitive price you are looking for, we welcome you to our offer of slippers and aquashoes!

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