• Masks

    Aquaspeed offers a wide selection of high-quality dive masks which will meet the needs of both amateur snorkellers and professional divers. Our masks are made using the most advanced technologies and feature top-quality materials, such as tempered glass and LSR (Liquid Silicone Rubber), with the latter providing excellent fitting, comfort and durability of the gasket. The highlight of our offer, are panoramic-view masks, with four lenses glued together in a fashion that allows for incredibly wide field of vision, without compromising durability or creating any distortion. Our offer also includes optical masks which offer the opportunity to install prescription lenses, making them perfect for people with vision defects. Most of our masks are available in several attractive colour combinations and are delivered in damage-resistant PVC boxes.
    Welcome to our offer of diving masks!

  • Snorkels

    Aquaspeed offers a large selection of snorkels designed for various groups of users with different needs. The snorkels vary in terms of costruction, materials and technologies used to match the needs of children, and adult users, those who are only beginning their adventure with snorkeling and those who consider it their passion. All our snorkels are made from modern and durable, high quality materials, such as Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR). Many of the snorkels are fitted with either a splash guard or the ULTRA DRY system that prevent water from entering the snorkel from its top end. Additionaly, most snorkels feture bottom exhaust valves which enable their users to easily remove any water from the snorkel. An important addition to our range of snorkels is the front swim snorkel, which is an excellent piece of equipment for thos who wish to improve their swimming technque.
    We welcome you to discover our wide range of snorkels!

  • Fins

    Aquaspeed offers a wide selection of high-quality, modern snorkeling and swim fins guaranteed to make the time at the swimming pool and at the beach more excting. Both adults, children and teenagers are sure to find a model that will match their needs, regardless of their experience. We offer both closed-heel and open heel, regulated fins perfect for amateur and professional use. For those looking to improve their swimming technique and leg strength, Aquaspeed offers short fins which will work excellently in a swimming pool. Our fins are made from modern, highest-quality materials and are carefully desgned to guarantee superb durability and hydrodynamic properties, finding perfect balance between low leg fatigue and speed.
    Welcome to our offer of snorkeling and swim fins!

  • Sets (mask + snorkel)

    Aquaspeed offers a wide selection of high quality mask + snorkel sets, perfect for all beginner and amateur snorkelling enthusiasts. Also diving schools would find these sets perfect for their needs. All separate elements of our snorkelling sets are carefully made and will meet the needs of even the most demanding users and are sure to become parts of every snorkelling trip.

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