DRY FLAT 50x100


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Fabric 100% microfiber (80% polyester, 20% polyamide)
Dimensions 50 x 100 cm
Weight 200g/m²

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The new Dry Flat microfiber towel is an ultra absorbent, lightweight, compact and fast drying towel which will not add any bulk or weight to your swimming bag. This soft towel does not loose its pleasant feel after drying and washing. This towel is a perfect choice for the pool, gym or beach. Avaliable in two colour combinations.

What is microfibre?

Microfibre is a type of yarn with the thickness below 10 micrometers (1μm = 1/1000mm, 0,001 mm) made out of nylone and polyester. In towels, it is typically 80% polyester and 20% polyamide (nylon). Microfibre is characterised by a star-shaped threads, in which a nylon core is surrounded by polyester structures. Thanks to such build of microfibre threads, this material is exceptionally absorbent.

Advantages of microfibre towels:

A quick-dry microfibre towel can absorb up to 7 times more moisture than its original weigh (and 3 tmes more moisture than a similar cotton towel). Thanks to capillary forces, microfiber seems to literally suck up moisture. Due to that, skin surface will be dry aven after a single wipe with a microfibre towel. Even a small towel (50x100cm) is enough to wipe dry an average-sized adult.

Because the microfibre yarn is 30 times finer than that of cotton, the spacing between every fibre is much greater, which gives the material its lightness and flexibility. It also increases the amount of air flowing through the material, which in turn allows the microfibre to dry rapidly (hence the name: quick-dry towel). Due to that, the growth of bacteria or mold is prevented giving microfibre its hypoallergic and antibacterial properties.


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DRY FLAT 50x100

DRY FLAT 50x100

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