Snorkeling fins INOX 40/41, 42/43


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Type Full foot fins

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These modern, comfortable elastic, closed-heel fins are designed for snorkeling and recreational dives.

INOX are very easy to put on and take off thanks to the grip tabs on the back of each foot pocket and fit bare feet perfectly. Additionally, the holes in the front sections of the foot pockets allow sand and pebbles, that would otherwise irritate the foot, to leave the foot pocket together with water flowing out of it. The sole of the foot pocket is reinforced to reduce the strain of the feet.

The INOX fins have rubber reinforcements on the sides, which greatly increase the elasticity, durability and the lifetime of the fins. They also enhance their stability. Special openings decrease the load on the fin blade and the specially formed centre of the fin creates a tunnel, which channels the flow of water along the blade, increasing the thrust, swimming speed and decreasing leg fatigue.

INOX are available in four great colour combinations and in sizes ranging from 36/37, up to 46/47.


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Snorkeling fins INOX 40/41, 42/43

Snorkeling fins INOX 40/41, 42/43

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