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Fabric VITA (22% Xtra Life Lycra fibre, 78% Regenerated Polyamide)

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This vibrant new swimsuit from Aquaspeed is made of innovative Vita fabrics. This vibrant, sporty teenage/ lady costiume will work perfectly in the pool as well as in open water and is a great choice for fitness swimming and swim training. This excellent piece of swimwear delivers both flexibility and comfort thanks to medium leg, training back and profiled bust seam. New Cora costiume will make you stand out of the crowd.


IThis swimwear is made of innovative Vita fabric. This hi-tech fabric is UV-and ultra-chlorine resistant, flat and very soft, pleasant in touch and comfortable to wear. VITA provides great muscle control (reduces production of lactic acid in muscles) for enhanced swim training and performance. It also boasts great shape retention and coverage. Its great durability and resistance to fibre breakage (when exposed to chlorine for long periods of time) gives it an extra-long pool life without significant loss of properties. VITA is also highly resistant to degradation from sun creams and oils, which makes it perfect for beachwear. Made of: 22% Xtra Life Lycra® fibre, 78% Regenerated Polyamide. Here are the exclusive benefits offered by Vita:

Fabric provides outstanding coverage without risk of see-through. Excellent coverage    Fabric that assure right muscle compression during physical activity, slashing lactic acid formation. Muscle control     Dzianina przyjazna środowisku Recycle yarn     
Smoother and softer - thanks to the use of Multifilament Polyamide Soft                       Garments that maintain their shape even after several uses. Shape retention    Fabric that is considerably resistant to attack by active chlorine. Ultrachlorine resistant           
Fabric with stretch properties on both directions. Two-way stretch      Very thin fabric (50% thinner than a classic charmeuse). Ultra flat             Resistant to sun creams and oils damaging influenceHigh resistance sun cream and oil
A fabric's ability to offer highly protection from UV rays (is the maximum value obtainable). Excellent UV protection 

Here are the exclusive benefits offered by Vita:

  • Thinner than the classic charmeuse (thickness reduced by around 20%).
  • More compact (does not show the typical channeling of non-run fabrics).
  • Smoother and softer - thanks to the use of Multifilament Polyamide.
  • Outstanding power - high modulus for greater tensile strength.
  • Excellent shape retention and fit thanks to the use of XTRA LIFE LYCRA® fibre.
  • Ultra chlorine resistant
  • Resistant to sun creams and oils damaging influence




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Swimsuit CORA

Swimsuit CORA

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